Verbaute Einzelteile im Modell
42056 | Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Bild Teil-Nr. Name Farbe Anzahl
4121715Connector Peg W. FrictionBlack200
4514553Connector Peg W. Friction 3MBright Blue200
4206482Conn.Bush W.Fric./CrossaleBright Blue103
4173970Cross Blok 3MBlack62
4211815Cross Axle 3MMedium Stone Grey61
4143005Connector Peg W. KnobBright Blue58
6057526Beam 1X2 W/Cross And HoleBright Orange51
6015356Con. Bush 2M Fr. + Cross AxleDark Stone Grey50
41408062M Fric. Snap W/Cross HoleBright Red40
4645732Technic 9M BeamBlack39
4495935Technic 7M BeamBlack31
6073231Single Bush 2M Ø4,9Black31
6275844Bush For Cross AxleMedium Stone Grey29
4142823Technic Ang. Beam 3X5 90 Deg.Black28
6089119Cross Axle 2M W. Snap W. Fric.Black26
42115731/2 BushMedium Stone Grey26
41428652M Cross Axle W. GrooveBright Red24
6261371Cross Block 90°Black22
6102618Technic 3M BeamBright Orange22
4211775Cross Block 90°Medium Stone Grey22
4542573Technic 15M BeamBlack21
6135091Angle Element, 0 Degrees [1]Bright Orange21
41408012M Fric. Snap W/Cross HoleBlack20
4211621Double Cross BlockMedium Stone Grey19
6265091Beam 1X2 W/Cross And HoleBlack18
6135494Cross Axle 3M W/End StopReddish Brown18
4539880Beam Frame 5X7 Ø 4.85Medium Stone Grey17
6055631Cross Axle 5M With End StopSand Yellow17
4114634Technic 6M Half BeamBlack16
4142236Lever 1X4, Without NotchBlack16
4184169Ball With Friction SnapBlack16
6130008Cross Axle 5MBright Yellow16
6083620Cross Axle 4M With End StopDark Stone Grey16
4522934Technic 13M BeamMedium Stone Grey16
6029206Lever 5MMedium Stone Grey16
370526Cross Axle 4MBlack15
4142822Technic 3M BeamBlack15
6143028Cross Axle, Extension, 2MBright Orange15
4142135Technic 5M BeamBlack14
6102621Technic 7M BeamBright Orange14
6143015Technic Ang. Beam 3X5 90 Deg.Bright Orange14
6029578Technic 11M BeamBlack13
4640536Gear Wheel Z16Medium Stone Grey13
4107828Technic Lever 3MBlack12
6261386Angle Element, 157,5 Degr. [3]Black12
6271152Double Angular Beam 3X7 45°Black12
6271825Technic Ang. Beam 4X2 90 DegBlack12
6100030Beam 1X1Dark Stone Grey12
4211655Technic 3M BeamMedium Stone Grey12
4211805Cross Axle 7MMedium Stone Grey12
6252041Plate 1X1Transparent12
6245252Roof Tile 1X1X2/3Transparent Red12
6273211Cross Axle, Extension, 3MBright Red11
4560175Double Bush 3M Ø4.9Medium Stone Grey11
4205760Toothed Bar M=1, Z=10Black10
4107085Angle Element, 0 Degrees [1]Black10
4164133Technic Lever 2MBlack10
4629802Technic 13M BeamBright Orange10
6135083Technic 15M BeamBright Orange10
6135085Technic 11M BeamBright Orange10
6239886Panel Curved 3X13X2Bright Orange10
6240204Plate 1X2Transparent10
370626Cross Axle 6MBlack9
6007966Cross Block 3X2Black9
4128593Technic Angular Beam 4X4Black8
4140430Technic Cross Block 2X1Black8
4177431Double Conical Wheel Z12 1MBlack8
6135088Cross Block 90°Bright Orange8
6149936Bowed Panel 3X7X2 W/ 4.85 HoleBright Orange8
6100930Gear Wheel Z16 W. Ø.4,85Bright Red8
4519010Cross Axle, Extension, 2MBright Yellow8
62711671/2 BushBright Yellow8
4211610Technic Ang. Beam 4X2 90 DegMedium Stone Grey8
4211713Technic Ang. Beam 3X5 90 Deg.Medium Stone Grey8
4495930Technic 7M BeamMedium Stone Grey8
4611705Technic 11M BeamMedium Stone Grey8
6240212Plate 1X2Transparent Red8
6126922Flex Rod 19MBright Orange7
4203493Technic Angular WheelBright Yellow7
6122217Lt Cardan BallMedium Stone Grey7
302126Plate 2X3Black6
6117973Angle Plate 1X2 / 2X2Black6
4107081Catch W. Cross HoleBlack6
4552347T-Beam 3X3 W/Hole Ø4.8Black6
4566243Flat PanelBlack6
6030286Lever 5MBlack6
6144791Shock Absorber, Extra HardBlack6
6150082Bowed Panel 3X7X2 W/ 4.85 HoleBlack6
4565452Conical Wheel Z12Brick Yellow6
4112203Plastic Motor, PistonBright Yellow6
4223767Technic Lever 3MDark Stone Grey6
4260409Brick W. Bow 4X1X1 1/3Medium Stone Grey6
4211639Cross Axle 5MMedium Stone Grey6
4225033Beam 3 M. W/4 SnapsMedium Stone Grey6
4234251Plastic Motor, CylinderMedium Stone Grey6
6000018Plastic Motor, Main RodMedium Stone Grey6
6022761Left Panel 2X5 (Nr 22)Black5
6023036Right Panel 2X5 (N0 21)Black5
6080356Flat Panel 3X11MBlack5
6271869Angle Element, 180 Degrees [2]Black5
6022767Right Panel 2X5 (N0 21)Bright Orange5
6022768Left Panel 2X5 (Nr 22)Bright Orange5
6142996Flex Rod 12MBright Orange5
6099696Technic Change-Over CatchBright Red5
4610374Cardan Cup With Cross Axle 2MDark Stone Grey5
6012451Gear Wheel T=8, M=1Dark Stone Grey5
6173127Tube, W/ Double 4.85 HoleMedium Stone Grey5
4540065Bion. EyeBlack4
6151377Flat Tile 1X1, Round, No. 55Black4
4112282Technic Angular Beam 4X6Black4
4119589Module BushBlack4
4128557Halfbeam Curve 3X5Black4
4610371Cross Block/Form 2X2X2Black4
4660886Toggel JointBlack4
6031916Bowed Panel 3X11X2 Ø4,85 (X19)Black4
6093977Double Conical Wheel Z20 1MBlack4
6139227Tyre Low Wide Dia. 81.6X44Black4
6144001Rim Wide DiA 62.3X42 W/ 4.85 HoleBlack4
6268905Angle Element, 90 Degrees [6]Black4
4508664Technic Ang. Beam 4X2 90 DegBright Orange4
4580022Shell 3X11X2 Ø 4.85 08Bright Orange4
6093833Double Angular Beam 3X7 45°Bright Orange4
6097284Technic Angular Beam 4X6Bright Orange4
6132960Left Panel 3X5Bright Orange4
6132961Right Panel 3X5Bright Orange4
6146786Panel Wheel Arch 5X15X2 W/ 4.85 HoleBright Orange4
6173129Tube, W/ Double 4.85 HoleBright Orange4
4227649Technic Lever 4MBright Red4
243124Flat Tile 1X4Bright Yellow4
371024Plate 1X4Bright Yellow4
4199345Lever 1X4, Without NotchBright Yellow4
46103783 Snap GearblokDark Stone Grey4
6074651Form 5M W. Ball CuupDark Stone Grey4
4211395Plate 2X4Medium Stone Grey4
6045988Plate 2X2 + One Hule Ø4,8Medium Stone Grey4
4211375Ball W. Cross AxleMedium Stone Grey4
4211561Technic Lever 4MMedium Stone Grey4
4211889Technic Cross Block/Fork 2X2Medium Stone Grey4
6102449Technic 9M BeamMedium Stone Grey4
6083456Corrugated Pipe 56Mm, (SilverSilver Metallic4
6251294Flat Tile 1X2Transparent4
6251290Flat Tile 1X2Transparent Red4
70902V-Belt Ø15, WhiteWhite4
403226Plate 2X2 RoundBlack3
6070695Flat Tile 2X2, RoundBlack3
370826Cross Axle 12MBlack3
4522933Technic 13M BeamBlack3
6102612Flat Panel 3X11MBright Orange3
6100931Gear Shifter Ring 3MDark Stone Grey3
4211356Flat Tile 1X4Medium Stone Grey3
4558690Cone Wheel Z20 Ø4.85Medium Stone Grey3
241226Radiator Grille 1X2Black2
302026Plate 2X4Black2
302326Plate 1X2Black2
303426Plate 2X8Black2
307026Flat Tile 1X1Black2
6047276Plate W. Bow 1X2X2/3Black2
6053077Plate W. Bow 2X2X2/3Black2
370726Cross Axle 8MBlack2
373726Cross Axle 10MBlack2
41098102M Cross Axle W. GrooveBlack2
4198367Damper 2MBlack2
4558692Beam 3M Ø4.85 W. ForkBlack2
4560174Double Bush 3M Ø4.9Black2
45630442X1X3 Steering Knuckle ArmBlack2
4629921Track Rod 6M,Black2
6145859Wheel Bearing Back W/ Cross HoleBlack2
6173119Tube, W/ Double 4.85 HoleBlack2
6244698Steering Gear, 9 ModuleBlack2
6271346Angle Element, 112,5 Degr. [5]Black2
45145543M Connector PegBrick Yellow2
6013937Plastic Motor, CrankBrick Yellow2
60139381 1/2 M Connecting BushBrick Yellow2
6031962Bevel Gear Z20Brick Yellow2
4281515Bion. EyeBright Orange2
4650690Flat Tile 1X6Bright Orange2
4657639Technic Angular Beam 3X7Bright Orange2
6004156Technic Angular Beam 4X4Bright Orange2
6103618Right Panel 3X7Bright Orange2
6103634Left Panel 3X7Bright Orange2
6143017Left Panel 5X7Bright Orange2
6143018Right Panel 5X7Bright Orange2
6262900Angle Element 135 Deg. [4]Bright Orange2
362221Brick 1X3Bright Red2
370124Technic Brick 1X4, Ø4,9Bright Yellow2
4107800Catch W. Cross HoleBright Yellow2
4119474Plastic Motor, Crank/CrossBright Yellow2
6019987Plade 1X2 M. Van. Hul Ø 4,8Dark Stone Grey2
6133119Gear Wheel Z24Dark Stone Grey2
4211394Brick 1X4Medium Stone Grey2
4211466Brick 1X6, Ø4,9Medium Stone Grey2
4211549Flat Tile 1X6Medium Stone Grey2
4560183Flat Tile 2X4Medium Stone Grey2
6206249Brick 1X2 With Cross HoleMedium Stone Grey2
4211651Technic 5M BeamMedium Stone Grey2
4621555Flat PanelMedium Stone Grey2
6009019TriangelMedium Stone Grey2
6055519Beam I -Frame 3X5 90 Degr. Hole Ø4.85Medium Stone Grey2
6169984Wheel Bearing BackMedium Stone Grey2
6240030Plate 1X1 RoundTransparent2
6245250Roof Tile 1X1X2/3Transparent2
6252205Round Plate Ø32X6,4Transparent2
6275769Bion. EyeTransparent Red2
306926Flat Tile 1X2Black1
346026Plate 1X8Black1
370226Technic Brick 1X8Black1
4560182Flat Tile 2X4Black1
6092585Plate 1X2 W. 1 KnobBlack1
6139403Flat Tile 1X1, RoundBlack1
4125213Technic Steering WheelBlack1
4540906Rack 13 MBlack1
4666579Connector Peg/Cross AxleBrick Yellow1
4666999Krydsaksel M/Stop 4MBrick Yellow1
4121741Plate 2X6Bright Orange1
6092770Flat Tile 2X2, RoundBright Orange1
6135079Left Panel 5X11Bright Orange1
6135080Right Panel 5X11Bright Orange1
6151466Panel Wheel Arch 5X15X2 W/ 4.85, 'No. 1'Bright Orange1
6151467Panel Wheel Arch 5X15X2 W/ 4.85, 'No. 2'Bright Orange1
6130012Cross Axle, 11 ModuleBright Yellow1
4508553Cross Axle 5,5 With Stop 1M.Dark Stone Grey1
4525184Differentiale 3M Z 28Dark Stone Grey1
4211637Final Brick 2X2Medium Stone Grey1
4540797Beam R. Frame 5X11 Ø4.85Medium Stone Grey1
6031821Crossaxle 3M With KnobSand Yellow1
6170271Flat Tile 1X4, No. 80White1
6036892Technic Coupling 3,5-6 NcmWhite1
6100932Gear Shifter Connector 3MWhite1