Verbaute Einzelteile im Modell
42064 | Forschungsschiff

Bild Teil-Nr. Name Farbe Anzahl
4121715Connector Peg W. FrictionBlack200
4514553Connector Peg W. Friction 3MBright Blue119
4211483Connector Peg W. KnobMedium Stone Grey57
4206482Conn.Bush W.Fric./CrossaleBright Blue50
41428652M Cross Axle W. GrooveBright Red31
42118652M Fric. Snap W/Cross HoleMedium Stone Grey27
4188298Cross Block 90°Bright Red24
6175330Single Bush 2M Ø4,9Dark Stone Grey21
4211815Cross Axle 3MMedium Stone Grey21
6275844Bush For Cross AxleMedium Stone Grey21
60139381 1/2 M Connecting BushBrick Yellow20
62711671/2 BushBright Yellow20
6161155Beam 1X1Silver Metallic20
370526Cross Axle 4MBlack18
4142132Technic 5M BeamBright Red17
4513174Cross Axle, Extension, 2MBright Red15
6273724Cross Block 3MMedium Stone Grey15
4107081Catch W. Cross HoleBlack14
4142823Technic Ang. Beam 3X5 90 Deg.Black14
4208160Technic 3M BeamWhite14
6015356Con. Bush 2M Fr. + Cross AxleDark Stone Grey12
4163533Technic Lever 2MWhite12
4177431Double Conical Wheel Z12 1MBlack11
4603472Technic 11M BeamDark Stone Grey11
4225033Beam 3 M. W/4 SnapsMedium Stone Grey11
6151062Flat Panel 3X11MEarth Blue10
4107826Technic Lever 3MWhite10
6001831Technic 9M BeamWhite10
4177444Technic 2M BeamBlack9
6030286Lever 5MBlack9
4522938Technic 13M BeamBright Red9
4211807Connector PegMedium Stone Grey9
4495927Technic 7M BeamWhite9
6173116Tube, W/ Double 4.85 HoleWhite9
6066102Plate 1X1 W. Up Right HolderBlack8
4142236Lever 1X4, Without NotchBlack8
6261371Cross Block 90°Black8
4565452Conical Wheel Z12Brick Yellow8
6036771Bowed Panel 3X11X2 Ø4,85 (X19)Bright Red8
6004888Beam 1X2 W/Cross And HoleMedium Stone Grey8
4118980Technic Ang. Beam 4X2 90 DegWhite8
4249021Technic 5M BeamWhite8
4585040Technic Ang. Beam 3X5 90 Deg.White8
6261372Cross Block 90°White8
6089119Cross Axle 2M W. Snap W. Fric.Black7
4645733Technic 9M BeamBright Red7
6130002Cross Axle 6MBright Red7
4552349T-Beam 3X3 W/Hole Ø4.8Dark Stone Grey7
4211629Technic Cross Block 2X1Medium Stone Grey7
4211639Cross Axle 5MMedium Stone Grey7
6007966Cross Block 3X2Black6
4540386Roof Tile W. Lattice 1X2X2/3Dark Stone Grey6
4542576Technic 15M BeamDark Stone Grey6
302001Plate 2X4White6
6268001Angular Panel 3X5X3 W/ 4.85 HoleWhite6
4246901Tyre Low Narrow Ø14.58 X 6.24Black5
4666999Krydsaksel M/Stop 4MBrick Yellow5
4210686Technic 5M BeamDark Stone Grey5
6127205Flat Panel 3X11MDark Stone Grey5
4211758Hub Ø11,2 X 7,84Medium Stone Grey5
4620671Technic 13M BeamWhite5
4143372Fric/Fork W. Cross HoleBlack4
6116604Light Sword - BladeBlack4
6278152Stick Ø 3.2 W. HolderBlack4
4107828Technic Lever 3MBlack4
614323Brick Ø16 W. CrossBright Blue4
6009459Flat Tile 1X1, RoundBright Orange4
6102618Technic 3M BeamBright Orange4
614121Round Plate 1X1Bright Red4
6174847Halfbeam Curve 3X5Bright Red4
403224Plate 2X2 RoundBright Yellow4
6102524Brick 2X2 Round With Hole Ø4,85Bright Yellow4
4203493Technic Angular WheelBright Yellow4
6130009Cross Axle 7MBright Yellow4
6239904Panel Curved 3X13X2Earth Blue4
4211561Technic Lever 4MMedium Stone Grey4
4525904Propeller ShaftMedium Stone Grey4
4535768Cross Axle 9MMedium Stone Grey4
6123815Beam 1M W/Cross AxleMedium Stone Grey4
6159763Cross Axle 5M With End StopReddish Brown4
302301Plate 1X2White4
4216652Final Brick 2X2White4
302226Plate 2X2Black3
604126Propeller W. 3 Blades Ø26.6Black3
6096955String 11M W. 2 KnobsBlack3
4238840Double Snap 2M, Ø 4,85Black3
4495935Technic 7M BeamBlack3
45145543M Connector PegBrick Yellow3
4542575Technic 15M BeamBright Red3
4495931Technic 7M BeamDark Stone Grey3
4508553Cross Axle 5,5 With Stop 1M.Dark Stone Grey3
4651820Rotorblad 8MDark Stone Grey3
6083620Cross Axle 4M With End StopDark Stone Grey3
6151070Technic 15M BeamEarth Blue3
6174854Right Panel 2X5 (N0 21)Earth Blue3
6174857Left Panel 2X5 (Nr 22)Earth Blue3
4640536Gear Wheel Z16Medium Stone Grey3
6013702Technic 6M Half BeamWhite3
6100932Gear Shifter Connector 3MWhite3
4112287Technic Lever 3X3M, 90°Black2
4558692Beam 3M Ø4.85 W. ForkBlack2
6271825Technic Ang. Beam 4X2 90 DegBlack2
6031962Bevel Gear Z20Brick Yellow2
6022767Right Panel 2X5 (N0 21)Bright Orange2
6022768Left Panel 2X5 (Nr 22)Bright Orange2
4216656Final Brick 2X2Bright Yellow2
6145704Sphere 2X2X1 1/3 InvertedBright Yellow2
6160907Crane Arm 16M, W/ Dia. 4,85Bright Yellow2
4128554Halfbeam Curve 3X5Bright Yellow2
4545101Flat PanelDark Green2
4210694Fric/Stump With Cross HoleDark Stone Grey2
4499858Cross Axle 8M With End StopDark Stone Grey2
6133119Gear Wheel Z24Dark Stone Grey2
6151077Technic 11M BeamEarth Blue2
6268003Angular Panel 3X5X3 W/ 4.85 HoleEarth Blue2
4211550Angle Element, 0 Degrees [1]Medium Stone Grey2
4211889Technic Cross Block/Fork 2X2Medium Stone Grey2
4539880Beam Frame 5X7 Ø 4.85Medium Stone Grey2
4652234Krydsblok 2X4Medium Stone Grey2
6055519Beam I -Frame 3X5 90 Degr. Hole Ø4.85Medium Stone Grey2
6185471Worm Gear, 2 Module, For Gear WheelMedium Stone Grey2
6135494Cross Axle 3M W/End StopReddish Brown2
6222063Sword, No. 14Silver Metallic2
6240030Plate 1X1 RoundTransparent2
6244781Cockpit 4X4X1 2/3, W/ Dia. 3.2 ShaftTransparent2
243101Flat Tile 1X4White2
306901Flat Tile 1X2White2
371001Plate 1X4White2
403201Plate 2X2 RoundWhite2
6117017Lattice A-Mast 1X6X10White2
6055627Flat Panel 3X11MWhite2
6097440Panel With Angle 5X11White2
6114580Right Panel 2X5 (N0 21)White2
6114583Left Panel 2X5 (Nr 22)White2
6175556Toggel JointWhite2
4652236Upper Part For Turntable Z28Black1
6093977Double Conical Wheel Z20 1MBlack1
4666579Connector Peg/Cross AxleBrick Yellow1
6084724Double Conical Wheel Z20 1MBrick Yellow1
6100930Gear Wheel Z16 W. Ø.4,85Bright Red1
6171019Deco Cone D31,3*5M W/4.85 BushBright Red1
6007973Technic 3M BeamDark Green1
4210753Technic Ang. Beam 3X5 90 Deg.Dark Stone Grey1
4516546Cross Axle, Extension, 2MDark Stone Grey1
6012451Gear Wheel T=8, M=1Dark Stone Grey1
6167281Beam, 1 Module W/ 2 Cross Axle, 180 Deg.Dark Stone Grey1
6174850Left Panel 3X5Earth Blue1
6174851Right Panel 3X5Earth Blue1
45025953-Branch Cross Axle W/Cross H.Medium Stone Grey1
4560175Double Bush 3M Ø4.9Medium Stone Grey1
4652235Lower Part For Turntable Z28Medium Stone Grey1
6078241Flat Tile 1X1, Round 'No.24'Silver Metallic1
4567338Nose Cone Small 1X1 - TrTransparent Bright Orange1
6245270Roof Tile 1X1X2/3Transparent Green1
6245252Roof Tile 1X1X2/3Transparent Red1
302201Plate 2X2White1
370101Technic Brick 1X4, Ø4,9White1
416201Flat Tile 1X8White1
4278271Slide Shoe Round 2X2White1
61027941X1 Decoration Top No. 1White1
6108866Lantern Mast 2X2X3White1
6170737Beam, 3 Module, No. 1White1