Verbaute Einzelteile im Modell
42076 | Luftkissenboot

Bild Teil-Nr. Name Farbe Anzahl
4121715Connector Peg W. FrictionBlack168
4514553Connector Peg W. Friction 3MBright Blue79
4206482Conn.Bush W.Fric./CrossaleBright Blue35
41428652M Cross Axle W. GrooveBright Red34
41408012M Fric. Snap W/Cross HoleBlack30
6209519Con. Bush 2M Fr. + Cross AxleBright Red23
4211815Cross Axle 3MMedium Stone Grey21
4512360Cross Axle, Extension, 2MMedium Stone Grey19
6275844Bush For Cross AxleMedium Stone Grey18
4211483Connector Peg W. KnobMedium Stone Grey16
6004888Beam 1X2 W/Cross And HoleMedium Stone Grey15
4173970Cross Blok 3MBlack13
6121485Beam 1X1Black13
6130008Cross Axle 5MBright Yellow13
4530578Shell 3X11X2 Ø 4.85 08Black12
4186834Technic Lever 2MBright Blue12
4208160Technic 3M BeamWhite12
370526Cross Axle 4MBlack11
4565452Conical Wheel Z12Brick Yellow11
4211567Angle Element, 180 Degrees [2]Medium Stone Grey11
4107081Catch W. Cross HoleBlack10
4142135Technic 5M BeamBlack10
4558692Beam 3M Ø4.85 W. ForkBlack10
4141811Lever 1X4, Without NotchBright Red10
4177431Double Conical Wheel Z12 1MBlack9
4666579Connector Peg/Cross AxleBrick Yellow9
4143005Connector Peg W. KnobBright Blue9
4141270Technic Ang. Beam 4X2 90 DegBright Red9
4188298Cross Block 90°Bright Red9
6167281Beam, 1 Module W/ 2 Cross Axle, 180 Deg.Dark Stone Grey9
4621555Flat PanelMedium Stone Grey9
4112287Technic Lever 3X3M, 90°Black8
4211805Cross Axle 7MMedium Stone Grey8
4611705Technic 11M BeamMedium Stone Grey8
4542573Technic 15M BeamBlack7
6089119Cross Axle 2M W. Snap W. Fric.Black7
60139381 1/2 M Connecting BushBrick Yellow7
4211550Angle Element, 0 Degrees [1]Medium Stone Grey7
4619323Tyre Normal Wide Ø30,4 X 14Black6
4107136Technic Lever 4MBlack6
4552347T-Beam 3X3 W/Hole Ø4.8Black6
6029578Technic 11M BeamBlack6
6073231Single Bush 2M Ø4,9Black6
6099801Beam 1M W. 2 Cross Axles 90°Black6
6102618Technic 3M BeamBright Orange6
6130010Cross Axle 9MBright Yellow6
4495931Technic 7M BeamDark Stone Grey6
42115731/2 BushMedium Stone Grey6
4211621Double Cross BlockMedium Stone Grey6
6135494Cross Axle 3M W/End StopReddish Brown6
6274738Flat Tile 1X1, RoundTransparent6
6092256Rim Wide 18X14 W. Cross Ø4.8White6
6100932Gear Shifter Connector 3MWhite6
370626Cross Axle 6MBlack5
4140430Technic Cross Block 2X1Black5
45145543M Connector PegBrick Yellow5
6031962Bevel Gear Z20Brick Yellow5
4153718Technic 3M BeamBright Red5
62711671/2 BushBright Yellow5
4211807Connector PegMedium Stone Grey5
4142822Technic 3M BeamBlack4
6173119Tube, W/ Double 4.85 HoleBlack4
6268012Angular Panel 3X5X3 W/ 4.85 HoleBlack4
6268905Angle Element, 90 Degrees [6]Black4
6135083Technic 15M BeamBright Orange4
6135091Angle Element, 0 Degrees [1]Bright Orange4
4142132Technic 5M BeamBright Red4
4143154Technic Ang. Beam 3X5 90 Deg.Bright Red4
4268653Double Angular Beam 3X7 45°Bright Red4
4210667Technic Ang. Beam 4X2 90 DegDark Stone Grey4
6083620Cross Axle 4M With End StopDark Stone Grey4
4211741Technic Lever 2MMedium Stone Grey4
4630114Cross Block/Form 2X2X2Medium Stone Grey4
4107826Technic Lever 3MWhite4
6137758Angle Element 135 Deg. [4]White4
4177444Technic 2M BeamBlack3
4495935Technic 7M BeamBlack3
4645733Technic 9M BeamBright Red3
4203493Technic Angular WheelBright Yellow3
4249021Technic 5M BeamWhite3
4617848Tyre Ø17,6 X 6,24Black2
6055123Propeller Ø71.84Black2
370826Cross Axle 12MBlack2
4128593Technic Angular Beam 4X4Black2
4142823Technic Ang. Beam 3X5 90 Deg.Black2
4164133Technic Lever 2MBlack2
6132744Flex Rod 7MBlack2
6173897Design Shape W/ Tube, CrossholeBright Orange2
6135086Technic 9M BeamBright Orange2
6143015Technic Ang. Beam 3X5 90 Deg.Bright Orange2
6149936Bowed Panel 3X7X2 W/ 4.85 HoleBright Orange2
6132385Turbine Ø31,37 W.Holes Ø 4,85Bright Red2
6022750Right Panel 2X5 (N0 21)Bright Red2
6022752Left Panel 2X5 (Nr 22)Bright Red2
6130004Cross Axle 8MBright Red2
6138745Left Panel 3X5Bright Red2
6138746Right Panel 3X5Bright Red2
6100596Rotor Blades Ø24 W. SnapDark Stone Grey2
4210656Technic Angular Beam 4X4Dark Stone Grey2
4210751Technic 3M BeamDark Stone Grey2
4210753Technic Ang. Beam 3X5 90 Deg.Dark Stone Grey2
4223767Technic Lever 3MDark Stone Grey2
6012451Gear Wheel T=8, M=1Dark Stone Grey2
6179648Angle Element, 180 Degrees [2]Dark Stone Grey2
4211758Hub Ø11,2 X 7,84Medium Stone Grey2
4525904Propeller ShaftMedium Stone Grey2
4612100Linear Aktuator 7-9 MMedium Stone Grey2
6179615Cross Block 3X2Reddish Brown2
4118980Technic Ang. Beam 4X2 90 DegWhite2
4125554Angle Element, 180 Degrees [2]White2
4495927Technic 7M BeamWhite2
4558874Right Panel 3X5White2
4558878Left Panel 3X5White2
4585040Technic Ang. Beam 3X5 90 Deg.White2
4620671Technic 13M BeamWhite2
6102484Flex Rod 19MWhite2
6179606Beam 1M W/Cross AxleWhite2
6215107Technic 2M BeamWhite2
306826Flat Tile 2X2Black1
4540906Rack 13 MBlack1
6093977Double Conical Wheel Z20 1MBlack1
6022767Right Panel 2X5 (N0 21)Bright Orange1
6022768Left Panel 2X5 (Nr 22)Bright Orange1
6135092Angle Element, 180 Degrees [2]Bright Orange1
6168687Double Bush, 3 Module, Dia. 4.9Bright Red1
6185105Beam I -Frame 3X5 90 Degr. Hole Ø4.85Bright Red1
4210851Cross Block 90°Dark Stone Grey1
6194486Technic 7M Half BeamDark Stone Grey1
6027565Shock Absorber, HardMedium Stone Grey1
6178172Cross Axle, 11 ModuleMedium Stone Grey1
6171864Globe W. 3.2 StickTransparent Bright Green1
6171762Globe W. 3.2 StickTransparent Red1
4558168Flat Tile 1X3White1
4547581Left Panel 3X7White1
4547582Right Panel 3X7White1
6114580Right Panel 2X5 (N0 21)White1
6114583Left Panel 2X5 (Nr 22)White1
6173116Tube, W/ Double 4.85 HoleWhite1