Verbaute Einzelteile im Modell
42097 | Compact Crawler Crane

Bild Teil-Nr. Name Farbe Anzahl
4121715Connector Peg W. FrictionBlack98
4514553Connector Peg W. Friction 3MBright Blue94
4566742Track Element, 5X1,5Dark Stone Grey60
4211815Cross Axle 3MMedium Stone Grey37
4206482Conn.Bush W.Fric./CrossaleBright Blue32
4141628Technic Ang. Beam 4X2 90 DegBright Yellow31
4177431Double Conical Wheel Z12 1MBlack27
4519010Cross Axle, Extension, 2MBright Yellow27
4645730Technic 9M BeamDark Stone Grey22
62711671/2 BushBright Yellow21
6100030Beam 1X1Dark Stone Grey21
4112289Technic Lever 3X3M, 90°Bright Yellow20
6130008Cross Axle 5MBright Yellow18
6261374Cross Block 90°Dark Stone Grey18
4186678Technic Lever 2MBright Red16
4495934Technic 7M BeamBright Yellow16
41428652M Cross Axle W. GrooveBright Red15
6275844Bush For Cross AxleMedium Stone Grey13
6072627T-Beam 3X3 W/Hole Ø4.8Bright Yellow12
6028107Technic 11M BeamBright Yellow11
6012451Gear Wheel T=8, M=1Dark Stone Grey11
6167281Beam, 1 Module W/ 2 Cross Axle, 180 Deg.Dark Stone Grey11
45145543M Connector PegBrick Yellow9
6083620Cross Axle 4M With End StopDark Stone Grey9
6135494Cross Axle 3M W/End StopReddish Brown9
6192130Wedge-Belt Wheel Ø24Black8
4565452Conical Wheel Z12Brick Yellow8
663624Flat Tile 1X6Bright Yellow8
6259054Beam I -Frame 3X5 90 Degr. Hole Ø4.85Bright Yellow8
4210749Lever 1X4, Without NotchDark Stone Grey8
4558690Cone Wheel Z20 Ø4.85Medium Stone Grey8
6278412Beam 3M Ø4.85 W. ForkBlack7
4211483Connector Peg W. KnobMedium Stone Grey7
6209519Con. Bush 2M Fr. + Cross AxleBright Red6
6253294Design Shape W/ Tube, CrossholeBright Yellow6
4107823Technic Lever 3MBright Yellow6
4153707Technic 3M BeamBright Yellow6
4211450Toothed Bar M=1, Z=10Medium Stone Grey6
4539880Beam Frame 5X7 Ø 4.85Medium Stone Grey6
243124Flat Tile 1X4Bright Yellow5
6130010Cross Axle 9MBright Yellow5
373726Cross Axle 10MBlack4
4652236Upper Part For Turntable Z28Black4
6030286Lever 5MBlack4
6203249Single Bush 2 Module, Dia. 4,9Bright Blue4
6062601Nose Cone 2X2X2Bright Orange4
370224Technic Brick 1X8Bright Yellow4
4542579Technic 15M BeamBright Yellow4
6143847Flat Panel 3X11MBright Yellow4
6257104Double Angular Beam 3X7 45°Bright Yellow4
6259052Housing 2X15X3M F/Gear RackBright Yellow4
4499858Cross Axle 8M With End StopDark Stone Grey4
6114979Gear Rack 14X2M W/GrooveDark Stone Grey4
6170153Worm Gear, 1 Module For Angled GearDark Stone Grey4
4211758Hub Ø11,2 X 7,84Medium Stone Grey4
4211807Connector PegMedium Stone Grey4
4652235Lower Part For Turntable Z28Medium Stone Grey4
614101Round Plate 1X1White4
4179580Parabolic Reflector Ø24X6,4White4
346026Plate 1X8Black3
6057526Beam 1X2 W/Cross And HoleBright Orange3
6130004Cross Axle 8MBright Red3
6173126Tube, W/ Double 4.85 HoleBright Red3
4175441Cross Blok 3MBright Yellow3
4210751Technic 3M BeamDark Stone Grey3
4211805Cross Axle 7MMedium Stone Grey3
42118652M Fric. Snap W/Cross HoleMedium Stone Grey3
366626Plate 1X6Black2
447726Plate 1X10Black2
4515350Plate 4X4 Round W. SnapBlack2
6271869Angle Element, 180 Degrees [2]Black2
4666579Connector Peg/Cross AxleBrick Yellow2
6084724Double Conical Wheel Z20 1MBrick Yellow2
6262393Technic Brick 1X12, Ø4,9Bright Yellow2
4211137Technic Brick 1X14, Ø4,9Dark Stone Grey2
4210753Technic Ang. Beam 3X5 90 Deg.Dark Stone Grey2
4281516Technic Angular Beam 3X7Dark Stone Grey2
6133119Gear Wheel Z24Dark Stone Grey2
6246886Wall Element, Round 5X4X2Medium Stone Grey2
4225033Beam 3 M. W/4 SnapsMedium Stone Grey2
4540797Beam R. Frame 5X11 Ø4.85Medium Stone Grey2
4640536Gear Wheel Z16Medium Stone Grey2
6159763Cross Axle 5M With End StopReddish Brown2
403201Plate 2X2 RoundWhite2
371026Plate 1X4Black1
6010831Round Plate 2X2 W/EyeBlack1
370626Cross Axle 6MBlack1
6109283Upper Part For Turntable Z60Black1
4514557Bevel Gear Z20Brick Yellow1
614321Brick Ø16 W. CrossBright Red1
4212529Hook W. Ball 1X3Dark Stone Grey1
4239891BobbinDark Stone Grey1
6187008Flat Tile 2X3Dark Stone Grey1
6219044String, Dia. 1,0 MmDark Stone Grey1
4528037Linear Actuator 10-15 MDark Stone Grey1
4528038Block 3X4X2Dark Stone Grey1
4610374Cardan Cup With Cross Axle 2MDark Stone Grey1
6296856Angle Element, 0 Degrees [1]Dark Stone Grey1
6109285Lower Part For Turntable Z60Medium Stone Grey1
6122217Lt Cardan BallMedium Stone Grey1
6123815Beam 1M W/Cross AxleMedium Stone Grey1
6273212Cross Axle, Extension, 3MMedium Stone Grey1