Verbaute Einzelteile im Modell
42114 | Knickgelenkter Volvo-Dumper (6x6)

Bild Teil-Nr. Name Farbe Anzahl
4121715Connector Peg W. FrictionBlack420
6299413Connector Peg W. Friction 3MBright Blue192
4206482Conn.Bush W.Fric./CrossaleBright Blue93
41428652M Cross Axle W. GrooveBright Red53
6209519Con. Bush 2M Fr. + Cross AxleBright Red45
4143005Connector Peg W. KnobBright Blue38
4519010Cross Axle, Extension, 2MBright Yellow37
6089119Cross Axle 2M W. Snap W. Fric.Black31
6282151Single Bush 2 Module, Dia. 4,9Bright Yellow31
6130007Cross Axle 3MBright Yellow30
6083620Cross Axle 4M With End StopDark Stone Grey28
4495934Technic 7M BeamBright Yellow26
6028107Technic 11M BeamBright Yellow26
6121485Beam 1X1Black23
4565452Conical Wheel Z12Brick Yellow23
4666999Krydsaksel M/Stop 4MBrick Yellow22
6265089Beam 1X2 W/Cross And HoleMedium Stone Grey20
6159763Cross Axle 5M With End StopReddish Brown20
4153707Technic 3M BeamBright Yellow19
4211483Connector Peg W. KnobMedium Stone Grey19
42118652M Fric. Snap W/Cross HoleMedium Stone Grey19
4142135Technic 5M BeamBlack18
6310998Panel With Angle 5X11Bright Yellow18
6100030Beam 1X1Dark Stone Grey18
4640536Gear Wheel Z16Medium Stone Grey17
4144022Technic Ang. Beam 3X5 90 Deg.Bright Yellow16
6261367Cross Block 90°Bright Yellow16
62711671/2 BushBright Yellow16
6275844Bush For Cross AxleMedium Stone Grey16
6261371Cross Block 90°Black15
4542579Technic 15M BeamBright Yellow15
6273711Cross Block 3MBright Yellow15
4211651Technic 5M BeamMedium Stone Grey15
6273708Cross Block 3MBlack14
6282158Beam 3 Module W/ 4 SnapMedium Stone Grey14
6331723Technic Lever 3MBlack13
6143847Flat Panel 3X11MBright Yellow13
6192309Plate 1X2 W. Horizontal Hole Ø4,85 Rev.Black12
6265091Beam 1X2 W/Cross And HoleBlack12
6282140Single Bush 2 Module, Dia. 4,9Black12
4211655Technic 3M BeamMedium Stone Grey12
4495935Technic 7M BeamBlack10
6016154Beam Frame 5X7 Ø 4.85Black10
6271825Technic Ang. Beam 4X2 90 DegBlack10
6338428Technic Lever 2MBlack10
61430332M Fric. Snap W/Cross HoleBright Orange10
6276838Technic Angular Beam 3X7Bright Yellow10
4211815Cross Axle 3MMedium Stone Grey10
6135494Cross Axle 3M W/End StopReddish Brown10
4142823Technic Ang. Beam 3X5 90 Deg.Black9
6276951Double Cross BlockBlack9
6072627T-Beam 3X3 W/Hole Ø4.8Bright Yellow9
6271828Technic Ang. Beam 4X2 90 DegBright Yellow9
4211807Connector PegMedium Stone Grey9
6271831Technic Ang. Beam 4X2 90 DegMedium Stone Grey9
243126Flat Tile 1X4Black8
4177431Double Conical Wheel Z12 1MBlack8
6029578Technic 11M BeamBlack8
6271874Angle Element, 180 Degrees [2]Bright Orange8
6311175Outer Cable 56MmBright Orange8
6100930Gear Wheel Z16 W. Ø.4,85Bright Red8
4107800Catch W. Cross HoleBright Yellow8
4211639Cross Axle 5MMedium Stone Grey8
6279023Cross Block/Form 2X2X2Medium Stone Grey8
6284699Angle Element, 0 Degrees [1]Black7
6323573Double Bush 3M Ø4.9Bright Red7
6348056Plate 1X1 W. Up Right HolderBright Yellow7
6115616Technic 9M BeamBright Yellow7
6012451Gear Wheel T=8, M=1Dark Stone Grey7
6133119Gear Wheel Z24Dark Stone Grey7
6167281Beam, 1 Module W/ 2 Cross Axle, 180 Deg.Dark Stone Grey7
4610381Tyre Ø 94,3 X 38Black6
6007966Cross Block 3X2Black6
6030286Lever 5MBlack6
6173119Tube, W/ Double 4.85 HoleBlack6
6279021Cross Block/Form 2X2X2Black6
6279881Technic Angular Beam 4X6Black6
63213053M Connector PegBrick Yellow6
6332584Angle Element, 0 Degrees [1]Bright Orange6
6253464Sprocket, Ø40,7Bright Yellow6
6276852Rim Ø 56 X 34Bright Yellow6
6344174Technic Lever 3MBright Yellow6
46103783 Snap GearblokDark Stone Grey6
6273212Cross Axle, Extension, 3MMedium Stone Grey6
6342037Gear Block 3½ 6½X3Medium Stone Grey6
4512363Cross Axle, Extension, 2MBlack5
4542573Technic 15M BeamBlack5
6031962Bevel Gear Z20Brick Yellow5
6173129Tube, W/ Double 4.85 HoleBright Orange5
4539880Beam Frame 5X7 Ø 4.85Medium Stone Grey5
6102449Technic 9M BeamMedium Stone Grey5
6204673Tube W/Double Ø4.85 No. '1000'Silver Ink5
362326Plate 1X3Black4
4163373Ridged Tile 2X2/45°Black4
6335388Plate 1X1 W. Up Right HolderBlack4
4142822Technic 3M BeamBlack4
6271810Technic Lever 3X3M, 90°Black4
6325521Double Snap W/ Hole, Dia. 4.85Black4
6331570Technic Lever 4MBlack4
6336619Halfbeam Curve 3X3Black4
6130002Cross Axle 6MBright Red4
371024Plate 1X4Bright Yellow4
4119474Plastic Motor, Crank/CrossBright Yellow4
4142133Technic 5M BeamBright Yellow4
4187122Technic 2M BeamBright Yellow4
6130009Cross Axle 7MBright Yellow4
6252654Connector Beam 1X3X3Bright Yellow4
6263069Wire Clip, W/ Cross HoleBright Yellow4
6271150Double Angular Beam 3X7 45°Bright Yellow4
6278131Technic Angular Beam 4X4Bright Yellow4
6311003Flat PanelBright Yellow4
6135014Beam 1M W/Cross AxleDark Stone Grey4
4211714Technic Crossblock 2X3Medium Stone Grey4
6313453Angular Beam 90Degr. W.4 SnapsMedium Stone Grey4
6252041Plate 1X1Transparent4
6274738Flat Tile 1X1, RoundTransparent4
6162892Flat Tile 2X3Black3
370626Cross Axle 6MBlack3
6271869Angle Element, 180 Degrees [2]Black3
6326620Upper Part For Turntable Z28Black3
6285646Angled Gear Z28 F. Diff. 3M,No. 1Bright Red3
302424Plate 1X1Bright Yellow3
362324Plate 1X3Bright Yellow3
366624Plate 1X6Bright Yellow3
6018491Roof Tile 1X2 45° W 1/3 PlateBright Yellow3
6259054Beam I -Frame 3X5 90 Degr. Hole Ø4.85Bright Yellow3
6007973Technic 3M BeamDark Green3
6115618Technic 9M BeamDark Green3
4499858Cross Axle 8M With End StopDark Stone Grey3
6100931Gear Shifter Ring 3MDark Stone Grey3
63477153 W.Arch W.Knob And Shaft Ø3.2Medium Stone Grey3
4540797Beam R. Frame 5X11 Ø4.85Medium Stone Grey3
4652235Lower Part For Turntable Z28Medium Stone Grey3
6261387Angle Element, 157,5 Degr. [3]Medium Stone Grey3
6285647Differentiale 3M, No. 1Medium Stone Grey3
6331441Cross Block 3X2Medium Stone Grey3
6228176Design Element,W/ Tube,Crosshole,No. 1Silver Ink3
6173116Tube, W/ Double 4.85 HoleWhite3
302326Plate 1X2Black2
403226Plate 2X2 RoundBlack2
4560182Flat Tile 2X4Black2
6070695Flat Tile 2X2, RoundBlack2
6116604Light Sword - BladeBlack2
6179182Design Shape W/ Tube, CrossholeBlack2
6313481Rotor Blades Ø24 W. SnapBlack2
370526Cross Axle 4MBlack2
370726Cross Axle 8MBlack2
4162857Technic Cross Block/Fork 2X2Black2
4552347T-Beam 3X3 W/Hole Ø4.8Black2
6265643Frame 7X11Black2
6288220Bion. EyeBlack2
63135202X1X3 Steering Knuckle ArmBlack2
6331716Catch W. Cross HoleBlack2
4666579Connector Peg/Cross AxleBrick Yellow2
60139381 1/2 M Connecting BushBrick Yellow2
6214234Flower 1X1Bright Orange2
6278159Stick Ø 3.2 W. HolderBright Orange2
6254125Technic Lever 3MBright Orange2
6311174Outercable 160MmBright Orange2
4562805Technic 11M BeamBright Red2
6276963Double Cross BlockBright Red2
302324Plate 1X2Bright Yellow2
306924Flat Tile 1X2Bright Yellow2
307024Flat Tile 1X1Bright Yellow2
654124Technic Brick 1X1Bright Yellow2
4189400Flat Tile 1X8Bright Yellow2
6228597Roof Tile 1X2, Deg. 45, W/O KnobsBright Yellow2
6130008Cross Axle 5MBright Yellow2
6130010Cross Axle 9MBright Yellow2
6130012Cross Axle, 11 ModuleBright Yellow2
6251189Panel Curved 3X13X2Bright Yellow2
6276974Double Cross BlockBright Yellow2
6316344Shell 7X15X2, W/ 4.85 Hole, No. 2Bright Yellow2
4210759Comb WheelDark Stone Grey2
4508553Cross Axle 5,5 With Stop 1M.Dark Stone Grey2
4528038Block 3X4X2Dark Stone Grey2
6015356Con. Bush 2M Fr. + Cross AxleDark Stone Grey2
4495930Technic 7M BeamMedium Stone Grey2
4522934Technic 13M BeamMedium Stone Grey2
4535768Cross Axle 9MMedium Stone Grey2
6240630Linear Actuator 15-23MMedium Stone Grey2
6276836Technic Angular Beam 3X7Medium Stone Grey2
6251306Flat Tile 1X2Transparent Bright Orange2
6251290Flat Tile 1X2Transparent Red2
4517737Rim Wide 18X14 W. Cross Ø4.8Black1
6143850Flat Tile 2X2 Round W. Hole Ø4.85Black1
6174917Plate 3X3Black1
6280168Technic Rotor, 2 BladesBlack1
370826Cross Axle 12MBlack1
4198367Damper 2MBlack1
4558731Right Panel 3X11Black1
4558774Left Panel 3X11Black1
4566243Flat PanelBlack1
4580509Steering Wheel Ø24Black1
4645732Technic 9M BeamBlack1
6150082Bowed Panel 3X7X2 W/ 4.85 HoleBlack1
6278412Beam 3M Ø4.85 W. ForkBlack1
6280097Cross Holes W/ Double, Dia. 3.2 ShaftBlack1
6346517Double Conical Wheel Z20 1MBrick Yellow1
6227330Gear Shifter, W/ Cross HoleBright Orange1
6263193Wire Clip, W/ Cross HoleBright Reddish Violet1
243124Flat Tile 1X4Bright Yellow1
300424Brick 1X2Bright Yellow1
362224Brick 1X3Bright Yellow1
4558172Flat Tile 1X3Bright Yellow1
4624985Brick 1X1 W. 1 KnobBright Yellow1
6079138Plate 1X10Bright Yellow1
6005195Left Panel 3X7Bright Yellow1
6005197Right Panel 3X7Bright Yellow1
6065491Right Panel 3X11Bright Yellow1
6211768Gear Middle RingBright Yellow1
6252564Left Panel 3X5Bright Yellow1
6252566Right Panel 3X5Bright Yellow1
6257077Bowed Panel 3X7X2 W/ 4.85 HoleBright Yellow1
6286376Left Panel 3X11Bright Yellow1
6344325Angle Element, 180 Degrees [2]Bright Yellow1
6352653Right Panel 2X5 (N0 21)Bright Yellow1
6352686Left Panel 2X5 (Nr 22)Bright Yellow1
4211023Differentiale Gear CasingDark Stone Grey1
6142536Hub, No. 2Dark Stone Grey1
6257337Clutch, 7.5-20 Ncm, Male PartDark Stone Grey1
6317490Motor, No. 15Dark Stone Grey1
4211805Cross Axle 7MMedium Stone Grey1
4512360Cross Axle, Extension, 2MMedium Stone Grey1
6178172Cross Axle, 11 ModuleMedium Stone Grey1
6254657Shell 3X9X2, W/ 4.85 Hole, No. 1Medium Stone Grey1
6268004Angular Panel 3X5X3 W/ 4.85 HoleMedium Stone Grey1
6335279Universal JointMedium Stone Grey1
6194553Flex Hose 10 Module W/3.2 ShaftMulticombination1
6217498Flat Tile 1X3, No. 14Silver Ink1
6227958Beam 1X1, No. 1Silver Ink1
6171727Slide Shoe Round 2X2Transparent Bright Orange1
6273154Brick 2X2 Circle W/ CrossTransparent Bright Orange1
6257336Clutch, 7.5-20 Ncm, Female PartWhite1